What we do - The Janzen + Associates Difference

So what makes Janzen + Associates different? There is the old adage that consultants borrow your watch to tell you what time it is. Many a report has been developed and sits on the shelf collecting dust. We are here to make sure you have great visioning, stellar plans and implementation with results.

Here is how we do it:

  • We first and foremost, seek to understand your unique needs and the environment you work in. This means that we meet with you, your staff and your Board of Directors and undertake a detailed needs analysis to understand what challenges you face and opportunities and clearly identify the goals that you have for your organization. There is no cookie cutter approach here.

  • We go the extra mile in getting you the kind of information you need to make sound decisions. We understand that good research and sound data is what informs good planning.

  • We recognize that advice without action will not give you the results you need so we focus on detailed implementation plans. We go one step further, and offer contract implementation to make sure that all that good work is actually implemented.

  • We charge reasonable rates and never go over budget. You don’t pay for huge overhead or the wages of consultants not involved in your projects. In other words, the meter is not running.

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The sectors we specialize in:

With a rich history of experience in these sectors, we offer great value and knowledge to your organization.

non-profit education arts, culture & heritage First nations Public Sector Training and employment

Our Services

Planning services


Strategic planning, business planning and Board governance development to guide your organization in all aspects of its operation.

Policy and Research services

Policy & Research

Development of policies and procedures to guide your operations, analysis and writing to communicate with your stakeholders.

Fundraising, Grant Writing and Proposal Development

Fundraising, Grant Writing & Proposal Development

Development of fundraising strategies, grant writing for ongoing operations or projects and proposal development from both public and private sources.

Just in time workforce services

Just in Time Workforce

A “just in time” workforce for projects or initiatives that you want to see implemented or special projects that you want accomplished on a contract basis.

Public Sector

Program Design & Review

Including campaign organizational structure and design, issues research, surveying, fundraising strategy development, event management, and so much more.